I can`t really understand why phones have become such a big thing. People rely so much on their phones today. I know the benefits and the need of having a phone in todays  society. You have your “entire” life on your phone. But how many apps do you really need to move through life today? It has become somewhat of a disease to me. Do we really need all the things the phone can offer us? What is the phone offering us really ?


I feel  there should be more questioning and thoughts about how the phone has made us less intelligent and creative as human being. Of course you need to evolve with time we live in. But when it becomes an “addiction” in every day life, is it really helping us move forward?

Hey, i love gadgets and new tech so this a double standard somewhat. I still think we need to stop and look at the trees when the wind moves them. A small screen in your hand or the entire world at your feet…


(working on my grammar!)