I think energy should be free. Why pay for something that you can get almost (tech) for free today? Where i´m from they take taxes from solar and wind energy. Feels so stupid to do so. Of course you have to pay for the tech but why is there a price on the sun rays and the wind?

How can it be price tag on something that has been free since the start of the universe? As we move forward with sience, shouldn´t we move forward with it? This question about energy is on my mind alot. I know people always wanna make money but at what cost. I´m not the first one with this question, i know that. But it still makes running laps inside my head when i see things and read about how far we have come with technology. If more people had free energy that would make more time to be creative than worry about the cost of energy. I see it like a no win cycle here. Hamster wheel effect.

And what i think we should do… i´m gonna leave for another writing.

It´s not like we are taking care of our planet in the best way we can right now. Maybe it´s time to wake up and see what we can do instead of what we can have.