I find it facinating how life shapes you in to a state of mind then does a full 180 degree turn. Is this the way to evolve or is this just a breaking point in ones life? I see life as a puzzle with all it´s patterns to solve. Maybe i have been seeing it wrong from the beginning. Life isn´t a puzzle but a maze and it all falls down on which path you take.

I think it´s fun to analyze situations and people. How the decisions are made and how they work out. Therefore the maze thinking would not work for me as i see patterns in everyday life. But if i change it too a puzzle maze it works but then i start to question more things and thoughts i have. This is where it´s gets messed up for me. Have i reached a crossing or a dead end? As i stand here thinking about it, i realize that there are “doors” to the left and right in this puzzle maze that im in. What does these “doors” represent? I have tryed to be open minded sometimes and “walk” through them just to see that im standing in a void of some sort. The puzzle maze ceased to exist. The “big picture of life” looked completely different for a couple of minutes (feels like a short time) and leaving me with more thoughts and questions. As im in there thinking about it a interrupting occurs and im back in the puzzle maze. These things that often cuts me off are everyday life things.

What if i got enough time to see and think, when im “in there”. Would it change my state of mind or would i be lost in the puzzle maze?

More to come about this..

Want to clarify that there is no form of drugs involved in this kind of mind exploring